Conan Joins TBS


After months of negotiation and anticipation, Conan’s finally found a new home! TBS! Huh, what? I’ll admit I was a little befuddled myself. I didn’t even know the “very funny” cable station was courting Conan. Nonetheless, it looks like the late night show is scheduled to start in November, in the 11pm slot that currently houses comedian George Lopez, who will now be bumped to a later time. Don’t ya love the irony? Fortunately, Lopez is receiving Conan with cuddly wide-open arms and is looking forward to hopefully catching some Conan fans.

After the excitement of knowing where my favorite red head is landing died down, I couldn’t help but ponder the business particulars of this arrangement. The more I thought about it, the more reasonable it became. Yeah, yeah, it’s not network. But I don’t think Letterman’s all that funny and I’ve never been a big Leno fan, (and even less now that he fucked over my Conan.) ”The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” does ok, and I don’t hear ”The Colbert Show” complaining. So, why not Conan?? TBS needs the viewers and Conan can provide his fan base. Conan wants creative control and can keep his rights to the show and Time Warner can afford to foot the bill. This arrangement might just work out. I wonder if network T.V is pissing their pants in laughter or fear. Guess we won’t know till the ratings pour in, in what I hope will become a slaughterhouse of network late night talk show hosts. Either way, you can bet your ass, I’ll be watching TBS.