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Verhoeven off Thomas Crown sequel

The on-again off-again on-again “Thomas Crown Affair” sequel, at one stage set to be based on the 1964 flick “Topkapi” (though apparently that’s no longer the case), has been dealt another blow.

Filmmaker Paul Verhoeven, initially onboard to steer the long-gestating flick into production, tells MTV Movies Blog he’s no longer onboard the Pierce Brosnan-starring sequel.

”No, I am not [involved] anymore,” the “Total Recall” and “Showgirls” director said. “Things happened there, the regime changed. The initial ideas that they had about ‘Thomas Crown 2’ were interesting I thought. There was a script written by two young writers that used the fact that now we’re living 15, 20 years later.”

So what happened?

“Ultimately, [the studio] decided not to [use] that script anymore. Then there was a regime change. And basically I felt that I could not follow [on the project],” he concluded.

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