Sylvester Stallone retires Rambo


Unlike “Rocky Balboa”, Sylvester Stallone never intended for 2008’s “Rambo” to be the final chapter in the John Rambo chronicles – in fact, as far as we could tell, it would merely be the first of several new chapters for the aging slightly-screw loose Vietnam Vet.

Sly had intended to shoot “Rambo 5” – in Mexico – sometime this year. Recently reports suggested the latest version of the script (there’d been a couple) featured John J going up against human traffikers.Whenever he spoke of it, Stallone seemed quite passionate about not only doing another “Rambo” flick but about the topic it was to tackle.

Well something’s sure as shit changed (maybe the long-gestating “Death Wish” remake has finally come to fruition? Maybe he’s been offered the role of a villain in the new “Mad Max”?) because Stallone’s apparently abandoned all plans for “Rambo 5”, according to publicist Sheryl Main.

”A few months ago I mentioned Sly dropped a bombshell…that bombshell was…no Rambo 5…when he decides what his next move is I will update…”.

As much as I’ll admit I would’ve liked to have seen another “Rambo” movie set on home soil, especially one that might’ve seen John reunite with his estranged father, I think there’s much better opportunities out there for Sly.