Are Romy & Michele off to another Reunion?


Oscar Winner Mira Sorvino, out and about stumping her newest flick “Multiple Sarcasms”, tells Movie Mikes that there’s “talk” of a sequel to her 1997 comedy, “Romy & Michele’s High School Reunion”.

The original flick, a music-fused comedy that told of a couple of ditzy blondes (Lisa Kudrow played the other) attending their school get-together, actually already produced a follow-up – though 2005’s “Romy & Michele : In the Beginning” (starring in the title roles) was a telemovie set prior to the events of the original film. The sequel, of course, would pick up the characters years down the track.

“Yeah, we’ve talked about doing another reunion movie”, Sorvino tells the site. “I don’t know. Yes, it would be 15 [years] now, but we’ll see if it ever happens.”

Sorvino is as mad about the movie as your 14-year-old daughter is.

“It’s just so silly and fun and it really has resonance with various audiences. It’s just a fun underdog buddy comedy of two very stupid people who have good hearts eventually, so I like that movie.”

If the film did come off, it’s likely the studio will want to get co-stars Alan Cumming, Janeane Garafolo, Elaine Hendrix, Camryn Manheim, Justin Theroux, and Kristin Bauer back – a couple of ’em may need their arm twisted.

Nothing against the girl, I adore her (would have to have watched both “Mighty Aphrodite” and “Romy & Michele” at least a half-a-dozen times each) but I don’t know if Ms Sorvino is “headline” material any more, so are Disney as likely to invest in a Mira Sorvino (let alone Lisa Kudrow!) vehicle these days? I mean, when was the last time Sorvino’s name saddled a title on a one-sheeter? Unfortunately, talent alone don’t open movies these days (and if a studio passes on comedies starring Ben Stiller and Will Ferrell, respectively, what hope does Mira Sorvino and Lisa Kudrow have?). Or maybe the point is void and the ‘brand’ (“Romy & Michelle”) is the selling point here? Could be. I worked at Disney at the time, and I do remember “Romy & Michele’s High School Reunion” doing pretty good business. It’s possible it did do big-enough business to warrant a follow-up – maybe even a tardy one. But if “Zoolander 2” and “Anchorman 2” can’t get up, what chance does “Romy & Michele 2” have?

But who knows, maybe it will happen?

One things for sure, the film’s not even positioned in front of a set of lights, let alone a green one, so a “Romy & Michele 2” mightn’t progress any further than a comment in an interview.