Will the next Die Hard be one to, er, Skip?


Skip Woods – he’s certainly getting a lot of work at the moment, but has he really done anything good yet?

Yeah Okay, so his “A-Team” script is pretty decent – but it still lacked something, and I’m guessing it’s the film’s director Joe Carnahan that found and consequently reinstated that ‘something’ – but “Hitman” and “X-Men Origins : Wolverine” are two of the worst screenplays I think I’ve read (and unfortunately Carnahan wasn’t involved in the features, so they were pretty much a lost cause by the time they were flown out in cans). Whatever the case, Fox seems to like the guy – maybe he works cheap? maybe he works fast? or maybe he makes the best spice and strawberry daiquiri this side of El Compadre? – and it looks like he’s going to be able to eat for at least another year.

According to Risky Business, Woods has been tapped to write the screenplay for “Die Hard 5”. Now bare in mind there were about 15 different writers, and just as many versions of the script, on “Die Hard 4”, so it’s liekly – at some stage – that Woods will either pass the baton to someone else, or find himself tag-teaming with someone a little more…er, shall I say…. word-savvy? Look, no offense to the guy, I’m sure he’s got what it takes… he just needs to show us, that’s all; we ain’t see what ya carrying yet, mister!

The fifth “Die Hard” flick, produced by Alex Young (“Unstoppable”), has pretty much been on the cards since 2007’s “Live Free or Die Hard” pocketed a sumly $378 in worldwide grosses.

At this stage, there’s no plot but star Bruce Willis has said in the past that he’d like the story to go “worldwide”, thus placing detective John McClane on foreign soil.