Clint’s Bits – May 5, 2010


Don’t you hate it when after a day out shopping where, after about an hour of running around to different places searching for different things, you realize you could’ve just gone to the one store who likely would’ve had everything you need? Me too, and I also hate searching the web for every little bit and bob from the world of showbiz – that’s why I get all my daily news updates from WhoresnMovieGossip.TV.
Anyway, this is ”Clint’s Bits”, a place where you can ‘get it all’ for less [searching]. “Clint’s Bits” is a a place you can go to to read, in less detail that straddles the terms and conditions section of a car raffle ticket, news and gossip about stuff n’ fluff that’s crossed the wire over the last 24 hours. If you’ve something you want plugged, a scoop to share, or simply want Clint to ‘type your name’ – contact can be made via the, er, contact form. (Who knows, I may even reward one of you with a copy of my “Make love like a Web-Man Vol.3” book – an instructional guide on how to maneuver yourself around a squeaky mattress with perfection, without spilling your full-to-the-brim Latte.)


Aint it Cool News has the “illegal” (not really, it’s just a marketing ploy) trailer for the forthcoming “Grindhouse” spin-off movie starring Danny Trejo, Robert De Niro, Jessica Alba, Steven Seagal and the redhead whose behind has more spots on it than a leopard – and it looks sweeter than a choca-bloc insulin needle! Check out the “Machete” trailer at the aforementioned link.

The Hobbit

Hot on the heels of Ian McKellen’s comments (see the story on What’s Playing) that the film was due to start up last month but is still without a start date, Aint it Cool has heard from a scooper that – whenever it does eventually start filming – Jack Thompson could be joining the artist-formerly-known-as-Magneto in the Guillermo del Toro-directed flick. Thompson (“Australia””) would play the character of Thorin.

The First Avenger : Captain America

Hugo Weaving has now officially signed on (as opposed to “um, I’m thinking about doing it”) to play the villain in director Joe Johnston’s “Captain America” flick. Weaving of course worked with Johnston on the ill-fated “The Wolfman”. Weaving’s played ‘Red Skull’ (aka Johann Schmidt) in the superhero blockbuster. Thanks to Marvel for giving us the heads up! (Please give my love to Uncle Avi)

Peace, Love and Misunderstanding

Australia’s Bruce Beresford (“Driving Miss Daisy”, “Mao’s Last Dancer”) will direct Catherine Keener and Jane Fonda in the multigenerational Indie film. According to THR, “Christina Mengert and Joseph Muszynski wrote the script, which centers on a conservative lawyer (Keener) who, after her husband leaves her, takes her son and daughter to the house of their estranged, hippie grandmother (Fonda) in Woodstock, where they each find love in unexpected places.” This one will shoot in Carrie Bradshaw’s stomping ground, NYC.


Tonight it was announced that ABC has given J.J, Damon and the Smoke Monster an extra-half hour to play with with it’s “Lost” finale. The finale, which airs May 23rd in the states, will run from 9:00 to 11:30pm – at which time we’ll likely be just as fuckin’ confused as we were before the ‘final season’ begun.

Kick-Ass 2

Aaron Johnson’s going to wanna make sure that gym membership of his is still valid – he’s expected to reprise his role as ‘Kick-Ass’ next year. The series’ co-creator Mark Millar tells MTV that (in addition to launching a comic based on yours truly named “CLiNT”) “Kick-Ass 2 : Balls to the Wall” will hit theaters in either 2011 or 2012… either way Chloe Moretz still won’t be old enough to date a Jonas Brother or order a Beer.


She spends most of her time naked and on drugs, so who better than Lindsay Lohan to play famed porn queen Linda Lovelace?! The Disney-guy cum Go-Go girl is being touted for the lead in director Matthew Wilder’s “Inferno”. Don’t get too excited though – you won’t be seeing this Pointer Sister’s bare rump on the big screen until the flick finds financing.There’s more at the LA Times.

Transformers 3

Patrick “McDreamy” Dempsey and Jamie ‘No, he is NOT returning for Scream 4’ Kennedy are set to rub some lube on some decepticons, according to online reports. Whilst Kennedy’s role is unknown at this point (annoying film-geek, perhaps?), it’s believed Dempsey is playing Megan Fox’s boss in the film (and I tell ya, if she were my employee… I’d be making a certain kind of uniform mandatory) – a rather “dark” character, says the actor.

Honey 2

A sequel even more anticipated than “Transformers 3”, Universal’s “Honey 2” has appointed Canadian pop singer Melissa Smith (She was one of the contestants on “Pussycat Dolls Present : Search for the next Doll”) one of it’s stars. This one, directed by Billie Woodruff, fixes on Maria, who fresh juvenile detention, turns her attention from crime to dancing.