The Rock starring in Fast & the Furious 5!?


Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson is eyeing a role in the fifth “Fast and the Furious”, says Deadline.

The flick would team, for the first time, canon-armed action heroes Johnson and Vin Diesel.

Johnson, who is currently filming a role as a rev-head in CBS Film’s “Faster”, seems to be ready to ditch the ‘Disney-boy tag’ and get back to doing what he does best – headlining these pricey boys-only action flicks that he cut his teeth on when he graduated from the WWF school of acting.

“Fast Five”, which will see Paul Walker reprising his role from the first, second and fourth installments of the “F & F” series, will reportedly have Dominic and Brian (Diesel and Walker, respectively) on the run from big-note law-enforcers. Can only assume Johnson would be playing the lead copper, or agent, on the boys’ tail?

Justin Lin, director of the last two films in the series, returns to helm “Fast Five”, which films in Europe later this year.