Exclusive : Daniels on Tekken


Moviehole caught up with Gary Daniels, one of the stars of the forthcoming feature film adaptation of “Tekken”, this weekend to discuss both his role in the former and Sly Stallone’s “The Expendables”.

Daniels, who plays Bryan Fury in the Dwight Little-directed “Tekken”, says he was originally up for the role of Steve Fox.

“Originally I had read for the role of Steve Fox but that role went to Luke Goss. I believe they were having a hard time casting the role of Bryan Fury and I was recommended by Eric Norris, the stunt co-ordinator – I am good friends with his brother Mike, Dwight [Little, the director] remembered me from my original audition and I was offered the role.”

The Brit says he’s seen about 20-minutes of the film and is pleased with what he’s seen so far.

”I haven’t seen the completed version yet, just about 20 minutes of some early rough cut but I liked what I saw.Dwight had a vision of a dark, R rated movie which hadn’t been done with a video game movie up till now. Plus he hired fighter-actors rather than actors that would need to be doubled…so I am hoping the end result will turn out well.”

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