Jean-Claude Van Damme & Dolph Lundgren in 3D!


The last “Universal Soldier” flick, director John Hyam’s “Universal Soldier : Regeneration”, was good fun. Gritty, well-shot, and encompassing a couple of really great fight scenes (one between stars Jean-Claude Van Damme and Dolph Lundgren that ran longer than a session with Heidi Fleiss), it obviously surpassed a lot of folks’ expectations.

“Regeneration” must’ve done pretty well on DVD, because another “Universal Soldier” flick, again starring Van Damme and Lundgren (though I doubt they’re officially onboard at the moment; it’s trendy to pre-sell these films and then try and get the actors to sign on – risky, but it’s usually the way it’s done) and with Hyams back as director, has been announced at the Cannes Film Festival.

And get this, Deadline says it’ll be in 3-D. Notice the lack of an exclamation point there?

This 3-D trend is more frustrating than an amnesiac aunt – seems everyone is jumping on the bandwagon. What I can’t understand is why “Universal Soldier 4” – or whatever it ends up being called – insists on being shot in 3D? I mean, isn’t it just going to go straight-to-DVD like the other films in the series? Or are they hoping for a theatrical? If it’s the former, then I say don’t bother – I checked out that “Final Destination” flick in 3D a month or so ago and it was terrible…. the glasses were those old-school red-and-blue things that barely stayed on the ears, let alone added anything to the experience… and, well, 3D for DVD just has such a long way to go off. I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone at the moment.