Casting & Character Updates on HOP, Fright Night, T3


Clint asked me to post this item a couple of days ago – but it was pushed down my inbox a notch.Apologies all. He has some casting news on a fair few projects.

Here’s Clint…

Few casting updates. Looking into something to do with TRON at the moment – for some reason they’ve put the call out for a few extras (actors to play waiters and so on) and doubles… can only imagine they’re re-shooting something… or shooting some promos… likely the former.


The Tim Hill-directed family comedy is on the hunt for celebrity lookalikes – they need a ‘Seal’, an ‘Eva Mendes’, a ‘Carlos Santana’ and a ‘Lenny Kravitz’.


The Michael Bay-directed flick has issued a casting call for, well, old guys, specifically Males 66+, who are “ethnically ambiguous, weathered, tattered, and frail”. The casting director added the note “Will consider SAG and nonunion for this as the look is very specific and I need very thin, very weathered men. If this is you or your father/grandfather/neighbor please submit.”


Also, just been alerted to some “Fright Night” (which Dreamworks is doing with Anton Yelchin, Colin Farrell and Toni Collette) auditions.

Firstly, the flick. It features the same story as the ’85 classic – weedy kid discovers his next door neighbor is a vampire – but just modernizes the characters and situation, tweaks a few of the rules, rather creatively mind you (a vampire – for instance, a ‘turned’ Evil Ed’ – can be ‘invited in’ by intercom.There’s a cool moment in the script where Peter Vincent’s assistant accidentally ‘buzzes’ in Ed to Vincent’s workplace) and ramps up the horror. I actually really like it… I think this could be actually be a *shocker* ‘good remake’! There’s enough of the old movie here, but some welcome new elements to the story that I think audiences will enjoy.


(Don’t read on if you don’t want to know anything, Okay!?)

The main characters are :

Charlie – Typical teenager. Lives with his Mother Jane. Goes out with Amy. Discovers his next-door neighbor is a vampire. Mother won’t have a bar of it. Decks-out his whole house in anti-vampire garb, anyway. Trained by a TV personality, Peter, in the art of killing vampires.

Jerry – The Vampire living next door to Charlie. 30’s. gets around in a wife-beater and Jeans. muscular. described in the script as a “All-American Adonis”. Turns Charlie’s friends (Ed, Adam) and school teacher (Mrs Granada). Not so much the ‘Dracula’-type that Chris Sarandon was in the original film – a lot more frightening.

Evil Ed – ‘Evil Ed’ is an emo…. or a comic-book loving punk. ‘Ed’ believes he and Charlie’s pal Adam has gone missing. Adam, you see, hasn’t been answering his text messages because he and his family have been slaughtered by vampires. Even when Ed discovers the truth, that vampires killed Adam and his family, nobody – not even Charlie, who suggests his friend has been watching too much “Twilight” – believes him. Ed is ultimately turned by the vampire ‘Jerry’ into a black-eyed, sharp toothed monster (not even Peter’s “crucification nails” are a match for him).

Amy – Charlie’s virginal girlfriend. Bit of a sports nut. Runs track-and-field. Unlike the first film, Amy isn’t turned by Jerry (though she finds him incredibly, well, tempting -being that he’s so attractive, muscular and all) quite so early, and remains by her boyfriend’s side to fight the rogues for a while – well, once he finally tells her what’s going on that is. When Amy is finally turned, right at the end of the pic, she and Charlie have this terrific battle. He puts up a bit more of a fight for her in this one though.

Peter – TVs ‘Master of Illussion’. Really knows his vampires – has had a history with them. Huge fan base. Lives in a Penthouse. Has an assistant, Arthur. When Ed infiltrates his home, he and Charlie are forced to hide out in the ‘Panic Room’. Serves as somewhat of a Yoda-figure to Charlie – especially near the pictures’ end, when Charlie needs to save Peter.