Lauren Glazier


“Going Back” tells the story of Lorna, 25, a down-and-out LA model, who comes back to her small, quiet home town after a death in the family. Ashley Hillard caught up with the film’s star, Lauren Glazier.

I really enjoyed your performance in ”Going Back”. The film deals with a lot with minimal dialogue, which is quite impressive – Can you please tell me a little bit about how you became involved with the project?

Thank you! I think the director, Adam Keleman, was having trouble finding his lead. A mutual friend was talking with him about it and he referred me to him talking with him a little about the project. Adam contacted me and we met, discussed the concept, character and his vision. We immediately hit it off, talking for a few hours about this type of narrative film and what he was looking for as far as acting ‘style’ etc. It was pretty much a go after the first meeting. I really respected him as an artist and wanted to be a part of the project. I loved the realism he was looking for. I think he was looking for an energy and specific look.

It seems actresses often have to make the decision on whether or not they will do nudity in a film. How did you feel about doing partial nudity in ”Going Back”?

Haha well, good question. As far as the nudity in Going Back I think it was pretty much just my bare back and possibly from the side. I guess I didn’t really even think of it as nudity as it was from the back. We tried to create a very realistic private moment for Lorna just getting ready to leave. So far I haven’t really been asked to do any more than that. I wouldn’t ever do anything that I’m not comfortable with, that isn’t integral to moving the story forward. I know that my instincts usually tell me when I look at a script if the nudity has context or if it is gratuitous.

What do you feel ”Going Back”’s message is? I wondered who the man in the car was!

”Going Back” is certainly a more abstract film, it leaves the audience with a lot of questions. I think the message or theme of the film is more or less facing a life after things don’t pan out how you expect. The bleak reality of giving up on yourself, do you settle or keep pushing.? I think this short glimpse at into Lorna’s life makes us wonder what would happen if we ‘went back’ and didn’t follow our dreams. I know I personally can completely relate and have ran that scenario through my head several times…..what would happen if I had to go back? Hahha the man in the truck is one of the blanks the audience must fill in, Adam and I discussed who he might be but he wanted to leave it open ended.

Did you attend SXSW when ”Going Back” screened there? If you did, how was it?

Oh I wish I could have! Unfortunately the play I was working on was running through the dates and I was unable to attend. I kept in contact with Adam our director over the weekend and he was wonderful and sent me updates on the responses we got.

You have great projects coming up. How was your experience working on the film ”Killers” with Katherine Heigl and Ashton Kutcher?

Yeah I’ve been blessed to be working, and with some wonderful actors! For Killers, I actually worked with Tom Selleck, Katherine Heigl and Catherine O’Hara, which was wonderful. I only met Aston in the Make-up trailer. Working with them was great, I mean talk about experience. It was a very relaxed vibe. The director Robert Luketic, was great, having fun with everyone. I can say only wonderful things about them all. My character was fun, light and I had a French accent so we had some laughs. Of Course Tom Selleck was just the sweetest guy, and being Canadian Catherine O’Hara is somewhat of a legend up there, I grew up watching her so it was great to meet her and work with her. Katerine Heigl was also really lovely and welcoming.

How was your experience working on Chicago 8?

The Chicago 8 was great. I have to say I had a blast on that film. Starting from the minute I found out about the audition, that the character I was reading for was Anita Hoffman. What an incredible woman to get to play. The more reading I did the more fascinated I was with the project. Thankfully I booked it, and got to bring her to life. The director, Pinchas Perry was really great and let us improvise a lot. The cast was incredible, I worked closely most days with Mayim Bialik who played my best friend Nancy Kurshan. We got to play some amazing women, thrown out of the courtroom, heading up protests and supporting some of the biggest freedom fighters of their time. Thomas Ian Nicholas played my husband Abbie Hoffman, its funny because I grew up watching him in ‘Rookie of the Year’, we had some good laughs about that. Overall just being a part of that movie is really cool, it is still so relevant today, people’s rights been blatantly taken away and really made a mockery of.

I read that you are from British Columbia. Please tell me about your journey from Canada to LA?

I am indeed from BC. I grew up in Kelowna and eventually after travelling the world a bit ended up in Vancouver. There I trained and started acting. Los Angeles was certainly on my radar but wasn’t really a reality until I met a couple people who made it seem more attainable. Its kind of a long story of met Antoine Fuqua when he was in Vancouver filming “Shooter”, he put me in a scene with Micheal Pena, who was starring in the film and also happened to have his band Nico Vega staying with him to record an album, the lead singer and I became best friends. When the movie wrapped and they all moved back to Los Angeles, It was only fitting that I join my new little family. I had been thinking of going to New York to train at the Lee Strasberg Institute but after meeting them I decided the universe maybe wanted me to train at the west coast Strasberg ?
The rest is history I suppose.

Have you thought of staying in BC because of all of the filming that seems to take place there?

Certainly. I’m really proud that BC has the film and TV industry that it does. I do have to say that the pace up there is slower. Its much easier to settle, at least for me it seemed like it. Los Angeles has an energy you cant ignore. There are always people who want to work. There are so many filmmakers down here who are chomping at the bit. I never planned to head straight to LA, I was always told you should be asked before you come, I figured it doesn’t get any more inviting than a group of amazing friends and artists offering me a place to stay and I figured why not just head straight to the belly of the beast.. I hoped to eventually end up here so why not take the opportunity being offered to me. I am so glad I did, I know this is my journey and I feel like I am exactly where I should be

What projects would you like to be involved with as you move forward with your career?

Wow. Well, as far as film and TV….projects with heart. Real layered, interesting characters. There is an endless list of directors and actors Id love to work with. Honestly as long as I work, I stay true to my values, I will be happy. Right now specifically? I would love to play Greta Wegerner “The Danish Girl”. Maybe you can help me out with that?

Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions! Looking forward to seeing your upcoming projects!

Thank you Ashely for your interest and for your time. Greatly appreciated!