Adam Shankman says Hairspray 2 isn’t happening


It was announced a ways back, two years ago now in fact, that New Line were developing a sequel to the 2007 feature film version of “Hairspray”.

“Hairspray” scribe John Waters had even written a treatment for the film, which would’ve seen Zac Efron’s character, Link, heading to London. But the legendary writer/director hadn’t heard any more about it when asked by The Herald-Sun for an update in December of last year.

“They liked it.They paid me.That’s the last I’ve heard of it”, Waters, then promoting the Oz-arm of his ‘Filthy World’ tour, said.

“They asked me to write the treatment but I’m so obsessive I wrote every single thing that could happen to every character. It’s different. You can’t tell the same Hairspray story again, it’s been told three times. This is what happens when the ‘60s really hit, when the teen stars suddenly aren’t stars any more. It’s crazy but in a PG insane John Waters way, like Hairspray was”.

Seems New Line’s about to use said treatment for toilet tissue.

“Hairspray” director Adam Shankman says “Hairspray 2” is officially off.

“I’m going to kill that rumour now, that got killed”, Shankman tells The Associated Press. “I was so happy with the first one, let’s leave well enough alone. It’s all good.”

Seems quite a few proposed sequels to popular musicals have fallen by the wayside – for instance, though all hot and heavy for it at one stage, Universal have abandoned plans to do a sequel to “Mamma Mia!” and just prior, Paramount quickly ditched their plans to reunite John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John for a third “Grease” (though there are rumours their direct-to-DVD division is toying with the idea of doing a spin-off).