Feldman : Lost Boys 3 will be better


Seems even it’s star was disappointed with “Lost Boys : The Tribe”.

Speaking to Movie Mikes, Corey Feldman said the next sequel, “Lost Boys : The Thirst”, should please fans more – if only because its not ‘The Edgar Show’.

“The one thing I didn’t like about the second film was that I was kind of in the trenches by myself. Edgar kept popping in every once in a while and it felt odd to me. It felt like one of those movies where they couldn’t get it right. So the only way I was going to return for part 3…if you remember I had it in my contract that Corey (Haim) had to be in the sequel as well and Warner Brothers kept their word, they shot some sequences with Corey. But because of the problems we had with Corey at the time, it wasn’t usable. It wasn’t their fault. It was just what it was. Corey wasn’t able, at that point in his life, to deliver what we needed. So those parts were cut from the film and put in with the deleted scenes. And those scenes were done as pickups. When you see Corey and Jamison (Newlander, who was cast as Alan Frog) their shots were pick ups, they weren’t in the same scene with me. And I felt isolated. It was like I was carrying this torch. But this time around, Jamison IS in the film and it IS the return of the Frog brothers. And even though we didn’t get to have Corey in this film a reference is made to his character…where he is and what’s going on with him…and it really feels like a continuation of the first film as opposed to a completely separate chapter. ”

And seems the reviewers agree. A few have been lucky enough to have seen the film already – with some of these reviews posted on the IMDB messageboards. Here’s one :

”I would give the film 3 out of 4 stars. Let’s start by saying Corey Feldman is certainly the lead in this film, unlike the supporting role he played in The Tribe. The beginning of the film was my favorite part. For those who read the Lost Boys: Reign of Frogs comic mini-series, you will be very happy to see the opening scene….I would say there was a lot more action in this film then the 2nd, but to wrap this brief review up I have to say I enjoyed it very much so, all due to the Frog Brother reuniting, it was awesome! They most certainly paid tribute to the Sam Emerson character as well as Corey Haim. There were people actually clapping in the audience with what they did with the [h]omage to the late Haim. I remember someone on the Imdb board awhile back posted something about The Thirst giving a nod to Twilight, well it is true, I won’t say how but it’s in there and very silly. I think most Lost Boys fans will enjoy this. ” – ‘revberg’

Feldman, who has been touring with his band Truth Movement, also tells the site that he’s coping with the death of his best bud, Corey Haim, by simply staying busy (which I can relate to wholeheartedly).

”I’ll tell you something, being on the road sure takes your mind off things. You really don’t have much time to focus on anything except getting unloaded…getting everything set up…doing your show…meeting everybody after the show…getting everything loaded back up…heading for the next city. It’s just so much. Plus doing these interviews in between. It becomes a 24 hour job. So fortunately it takes your mind off other things. Unfortunately it makes it a lot harder to communicate with your family. I haven’t been able to talk to my son too much since I’ve been out here. I haven’t seen him in a couple of weeks. It’s been rough. The hardest part of it has been being away from my son. In general I’m doing ok. I can’t say that it’s been the greatest chapter of my life. Honestly, this last year has been the hardest year of my life. I was supposed to do this tour a year ago and I ended up having to cancel the whole tour because it was one thing after another. I lost so many people in a row that were close to me. And then I went to Africa to shoot “Lost Boys” for two months. I came back and we lost Corey right after we finished. It’s just been one thing on top of another. And when I finally got a couple months past Corey’s death I said “now we can go out.” Because there was really nothing holding me back. It’s a bit remorseful but it’s also a bit celebratory. We get such a tremendous outpouring from the fans. Such a crazy, incredible response from people spreading their love and shining their love. And I think this is an opportunity to see each other face to face and kind of mourn together. I think there’s a big part of that going on with this tour.”

“Lost Boys : The Thirst” is supposed to hit DVD and Blu-ray late November.