Exclusive : Heckerling talks Vamps


There are probably only a handful of filmmakers out there that I can honestly say I’ve enjoyed everything they’ve done. Cameron Crowe is on the list. Michael Mann is likely one. John Hughes is another. And can’t say I’ve seen a bad Richard Donner film either. But if Wikipedia dedicated a page to folks who rarely make rotten flicks, Amy Heckerling’s name would likely be atop of the page somewhere. From “Fast Times at Ridgemont High” to “National Lampoon’s European Vacation”, the cash-cow that was the “Look Who’s Talking” franchise, brazenly ’90s tour de force “Clueless”, side-splitting Guilty Pleasure “A Night at the Roxbury” (Okay, so I’m likely alone, or in the minority, on that one), and adorable rom-com “I Could Never Be Your Woman” (Which unfortunately hasn’t been seen by many), Heckerling’s given us some mighty great films -some of my favourites, in fact. I know quite a few folks that have worked with Heckerling over the years and they talk very, very highly of Heckerling. Not surprised, films like “Clueless” and “Look Who’s Talking” could only have been made by a gracious, worldly and extremely imaginative filmmaker.

Heckerling’s next film, reuniting her with her “Clueless” star Alicia Silverstone, is the vampire flick “Vamps”.

The flick, written by Heckerling, tells of a couple of female vampires (Silverstone, Krysten Ritter) who fall in love with a couple of mortals.

Heckerling, speaking from the set of the flick, says it’s not “Twilight” – but it’s also not “Clueless”.

”Hopefully, it will be something new, but you can’t help being who you are, so things never stray that far.”

Though she won’t tell us what we can expect, Heckerling does stress how great it is to reunite with Silverstone on the project.

”I love Alicia as if she were my own daughter. Whenever I see her, I just feel happy, and the idea of seeing her every day and making a movie is about as good as it gets for me.”

As for Heckerling’s involvement in the recently-rumoured “Look Who’s Talking” remake? Well, she’s heard the same rumours we have – suggesting she isn’t returning.

“There are rumors percolating that they’re rebooting “Look Who’s Talking” due to the popularity of the E-trade baby commercials”, says Heckerling, who helmed the three films in the series.

Oh, and just for the record there’s no truth to those “Clueless 2” rumours.

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