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Shut up and Sing: From Sectional’s to Regional’s

I’m a Broadway lover and a shower singer, so it’s only natural that I’m a fan of the musical television sensation, “Glee”. What hasn’t felt natural is the Second Volume of Season One. I may be the only one singing this tune, but you’d have to be blind not to realize that something’s amiss since its return and I’d be lying if I didn’t say I was a little disappointed in the second installment of the season.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m still wearing my Gleek stripes with a shitload of pride, but some of the charm that endeared me to the show in the first place seemed lost in the newfound glory of popularity the show’s reached. All of the emotional impact and great character detail and interaction have taken a back seat to the musical numbers instead of enhancing them. I was anticipating some sort of change since its now award winning, but this is an entirely different animal, it’s apparently killed some of the shows, dare I say, soul?

So I’d like to make some helpful suggestions, not because I know they will be heard (Who am I kidding, I know my family members are the only ones reading this) but because it makes me feel better about the future of the show I have come to love so much.

1.) No more musical dream sequences! If necessary, please do so tastefully and rarely. Once every six to ten episodes would be nice. Mostly, because they seem forced and placed for more song and dance as opposed to interesting, fun or necessary for a character or plot.

2.) Please keep your characters personalities in mind and how long we have known them. Don’t turn Will into a slut, at least not yet! It seemed out of character and ruined his nice guy persona because we barely know him. Not to mention I never want him near sweet Emma again. And don’t give Rachel Laryngitis so soon, for me that was a Season Three episode. When we’ve become acclimated to her beautifully dramatic and narcissistic personality and love it. Then WHAM! What if she could never sing again!?

3.) The characters and plot in volume two are playing second fiddle to the musical numbers. I’m forgetting about the characters that I love because I never see them anymore. More character interaction and plot, along the lines of volume one please.

4.) This isn’t “Beverly Hills, 90210”. All the characters don’t need to hook up. Sure, they are in high school, but I’m not interested in relationships that span the life of a fruit fly or the memory of a goldfish. Even 90210 kids were at least together for a whole season!

5.) If and when these characters start a relationship, draw it out a bit more as stated above, actually showing the relationship on the show! Jesse and Rachel ended abruptly and almost without reason. I wanted to see them on dates and singing together, how could they deprive me of that with such amazing voices and great characters! It also would have been interesting to see him against his old team at Regionals. The writers are missing so many great opportunities with these characters by cutting relationships quickly and making them thin as thread. Will and Emma were together for a nanosecond before they weren’t. Mercedes and Puck? C’mon. Rachel and Puck? Santana and Puck? Fin and Rachel? Point made!

6.) Tribute episodes are a great idea and highly enjoyable but distance them. One near the beginning and one near the end of the season are preferable. That way, it gives us something to look forward to instead of becoming the new format of the show.

7.) Keep up the great Broadway and celebrity guest stars but don’t beat the show over the head with them! The show is running out of reasons for them to appear. And if Kristen Chenoweth’s character, April, has the same sad plot point one more time, I might just scream. Or just start writing the damn episodes myself and in turn, making friends and family act them out!

8.) Please discontinue all use of the Glee club being canceled. Neil Patrick Harris threatens it. The principal threatens it. Sue Sylvester threatens it. I’m about to threaten it. By turning off my T.V. Overdone.

9.) The mid season break finale shouldn’t so closely resemble the Season Finale. Will Schuester and Emma kissed, again. Rachel and Finn, together again? Didn’t I already see this? Even the performances at Regional’s didn’t seem to pack the emotional punch of Lea Michelle’s performance of “Don’t Rain on My Parade,” which gave me goosebumps and tears simultaneously (Her voice is stunning) at Sectional’s.

10.) On a positive note: Ringing in just right throughout both volumes is Sue Sylvester, who is quickly becoming one of my all time favorite television show characters.

So, What happened?!

I’m convinced one of two things occurred: The producers yelled: “Give ‘em what they want! More singing! More dancing! More singing! More costume! More, more, more! Sing!


The co-creators/writers got so excited about their new budget, that they went completely berserk and forgot about the story, trading it in for as many musical numbers they could cram in.

Whichever one occurred, I don’t care, I just want the old “Glee” back and I hope the writers/producers/creators can get back to the heart of the story and characters.

P.S. If you could please encourage/inform advertisers that every commercial airing during Glee is a musical advertisement, I would greatly appreciate it. I understand they are just playing to their audience but it’s to the point where the only commercial that would stand out is one without singing. Thanks!

What I’ve Watched This Week:

“Rosemary’s Baby”: Amazingly perfect shots. Creepy/weird plot. Great characters. Great ending. Just overall, fucking greatness.

“Back to the Future II”: One day, I will own a DeLorean or meet Michael J. Fox. A girl can dare to dream.

“I Love Lucy”: One of my all time favorite television shows.

“Malice In Wonderland”: I watched it for research, but it’s pretty cute, just needs a little more fun.

“Alfred Hitchcock Presents”: Can never get enough of this show or Mr. Hitchcock’s introductions on each episode.

“Alice In Wonderland” (2010): Eh, disappointing storyline but the visuals were fun to be in, and I thought the Cheshire Cat looked amazing. I liked the idea that she was back and didn’t remember, but I didn’t like the rest of the storyline.

“Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull”: I decided to torture myself but I still love Indiana Jones with every fiber in my being.

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