No Vacancy in Vegas Hostel


I have to admit, I don’t think much of the “Hostel” films. Eli, I know you’re probably reading, so let me word that another way : I think you’re better than those shock-value flicks – and, quite frankly, I think they’re too morbid to be enjoyed; “Cabin Fever”, on the other hand, now there’s a film that offered you the opportunity to re-ink the horror genre pad . Your enthusiasm and knowledge of film is all over that one.

But hey, maybe you know this? Or maybe you’ve just heard that complaint so many times and that’s the reason you’ve decided not to direct “Hostel 3” – which Bloody Disgusting announced earlier today. Whatever the reason, thank god – your services will be of better use elsewhere (though I do see you’re listed as a producer- assumingly, for contractual reasons).

“Hostel 3” will be produced by the Stage 6 crowd – that’s Sony new direct-to-DVD division; they also worked on the “30 Days of Night” sequel – and directed by Scott Spiegel. Spiegel, as all good horror fans know, is the writer of “Evil Dead 2”.

Michael Weiss’ script doesn’t take place in Europe but in Las Vegas, where apparently a Bachelor Party goes horribly wrong. Can only imagine the manager at the buffet inside Circus Circus has a penchant for beheadings… or something. Or maybe the villain is one of the infuriating strip-show spruikers that ‘pushes’ leaflets into your hand on the footpath?! Or is that too obvious? We know they’re evil.