Exclusive : Kutcher returning for Valentine’s Day sequel?


After the unsurprising success of this year’s all-star rom com ”Valentines Day”, New Line and Warner Bros weren’t tardy in announcing they’d be sequelizing the hit movie.

Titled ”New Years Eve”, the film – Which will again be directed by Garry Marshall – would feature some of the characters from ”Valentines Day”, who would [again] be interweaving in and out of each others lives. But which characters are returning?

I had the opportunity ask Ashton Kutcher, who played florist Reed Bennett in ”Valentines Day”, whether he might be returning.

And it’s a maybe.

“They’ve talked to me about it”, says Kutcher. “But I haven’t read the script yet… It’s script dependent”.

So there you have it, Ashton may be up for some heart-fluttering so long as script delivers (“Army Wives” creator Katherine Fugate is currently working on the libretto.). In the least, we’ve confirmation that Kutcher’s character is in the script (and if he’s back, then it’s likely Jessica Alba and Jennifer Garner will be – or have already been – asked back, too)… or at least, will be.

Kutcher’s new film “Killers” commences around Australia next week.