Exclusive : Steven Seagal doing Series Television!

Exclusive : Steven Seagal doing Series Television!

Action movie icon Steven Seagal could make one hell of a comeback this year – after all, “Machete” marks the Aikido trained actor’s first big screen release in over a decade. Even better, it’s a film co-starring the likes of Robert De Niro (!) and Jessica Alba, so it’s, in all likeliness, going to last a little in theaters than say, “Vampires Suck” will. And if the big guy’s brief appearance in the trailer is anything to go by, looks like he’s actually kickin’ a bit of rump in this little ditty! (let’s be honest, it’s been a while since Seagal has really impressed in a screen skirmish).

So how will Seagal follow up his turn in the highly-anticipated “Machete”? After all, that next step will be an important one. Ask Travolta how to screw it up. Maybe he’ll do a third “Under Siege”? That long planned “Genghis Khan” movie? An “Expendables 2″ with Sly Stallone? Nup, none of those — he’s in fact headlining his own weekly TV series!

Seagal, who recently appeared in his own reality series (”Steven Seagal : Lawman”), is currently filming a new 13-part series titled “Southern Justice” (aka “True Justice”).

Seagal plays Elijah Kane the leader of an undercover group of cops that chases down the bad guys in the Seattle, Washington area.

”It’s being filmed from July to December in Vancouver, Canada”, a source on the production tells Moviehole. “There are 13 episodes ordered and it will air world wide through Voltage’s foreign sales efforts. It will be an action/crime drama – one hour procedural. Crime of the week kind of thing.”

The TV thing worked for ’80s action movie icons Chuck Norris (“Walker : Texas Ranger”) and Don Johnson (“Nash Bridges”) so it’s possible it might work for Seagal, too.

More on this shortly.

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