SDCC : Tron Legacy Press Conference, Trailer, Footage


Disney held the press conference this morning for “Tron Legacy”. The creators and crew waxed lyrical, then proceeded to premiere a new trailer and show some footage – and shit, does this thing look like it’ll be ‘The Goods’ (The Don Ready Story)!

First, here’s the trailer :

And I’m guessing the footage will show up online sooner or later, but just quickly, it starts with Sam Flynn (Garrett Hedlund) entering the game world and being captured by a red Recognizer. The recognizer doesn’t detect a “disk” in this “program”, so throws Sam in a craft with a bunch of other disk-less programs (I assume). Sam tries to get answers out of them about his father, Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges), but the others talk no sense. One even only has half-a-face.
The craft heads to a stadium-like building where the “prisoners” are sectioned off into two groups – “Games” and “Rectify”. Sam, given ‘Games’, is taken to a large empty room where he’s informed by four women that his mission now is to simply ‘survive’. The women clip an identity disk to his back (his eyes start flashing as soon as it’s clipped on) and a black bodysuit materializes around him.
We’re then treated to a montage of scenes – one giving us our first look at ‘Clu’, played by Jeff Bridges… not looking a day over 35.

Bridges looks superb in this. As co-star Michael Sheen said at the press conference, the film will actually be in 4D as opposed to 3D because “Bridges brings a whole other dimension of awesome.”

Believe that!

I believe Clint and some of the gang did a set visit to “Tron Legacy” in Vancouver last year. I imagine that will be up on the site around Christmastime, when the film is released.