SDCC : Lost Boys TV Show on the way!?


Out stumping “Lost Boys : The Thirst” at Comic Con, Corey Feldman told reporters that plans could be afoot to turn the popular film series into a TV show.

In addition to a fourth “Lost Boys” movie, the actor tells Bloody Disgusting there’s a chance Edgar Frog may invade our TV screens at some point in the near future – and not in animated form.

”I don’t know if we’d go as far as animated because, you know, it’s not really a kid thing”, the actor said. “But the limits are endless at this point. We really want to see how people react to this film and then we’ll gauge how far we want to take it. But we have mapped out a very distinctive future for the Frog brothers and their crusades in fighting vampires.”

As for that next film?

“Whether we’re going to go back and do a prequel or fill in the in-between of what happened between the second and the third movie, or the third and beyond, that I can’t give away”, says Feldman. “But I can tell you we’ve pretty eloquently mapped it out and we see this as a series that’s going to go on for quite a while.”