SDCC : Stabbing at Comic Con!



So by now you’ll all have heard that, well, Comic Con as-we-know-it-died today (though some may argue it’s been on it’s last legs for a couple of years now). If you thought it was hard to get a seat at a Panel this year (I heard some of the key crew from “Tron Legacy” were initially even refused entry into their own panel, because it was full… hours before said panel started!)l, just wait till next year!

Referring, of course, to the stabbing that occurred in Hall H earlier today – about three rows from me! Just before Uni’s “Paul” and “Cowboys and Aliens” panel was to begin.

It was all over and done with very quickly but, in short, what happened was a young man had saved a seat for a friend. Someone else, of course, wanted that saved seat. An argument erupted. Seated guy kicked seat wanter. Seat wanter then stabbed the seat saver with his ballpoint pen. It didn’t go “in” the man’s eye – as most are reporting – but it went close. Another attendee grabbed the assailant, while the victim covered his wound.

Security, rather leisurely, detained the stabber and eventually police took over – roping off the scene. The kid with the bludgeoned eye was taken away on stretcher.

(The Con organizers then rolled a sequence of trailers for those of us in Hall H – the first, “Gulliver’s Travels” being outright booed!)

Police are still here in Hall H, conducting their business, but the panels have continued on.

When Harrison Ford walked out on stage as part of the “Cowboys and Aliens” panel he, to everyone’s surprise, made a funny about the stabbing… he was even escorted out in hand-cuffs! It was probably just what the crowd needed to divert the attention back to the films though.

The events of Hall H are now running half an hour behind schedule. No late arrivals are being let in. Whoever is in here, is in here. There’s going to be a lot of sad faces walking away from Comic Con today. You spoilt everyone’s fun fucktard!

Click the photo below to view footage of the stabber being taken away :

I don’t know if I’ll be back to Comic Con next year – this year was insane, what with having to line up at 3am in the morning to get a seat at a 10am panel, and all the corporate press like USA Today and The Los Angeles Times getting the cool coverage over the independent film websites, but next year is undoubtedly going to be a real chore : There will be metal detectors, less seating, armed guards, and, for Christs sake, a Twihard invasion (“Breaking Dawn” is apparently the big panel of next year. Big deal!)