SDCC : Captain America Trailer


At the Marvel panel tonight, our favorite billionaire Lycra shareholders gave attendees a sneak peek at “Captain America”…

Teaser Description

An air raid siren sounds. World War 2 footage, with a voice-over overlay, is shown. Red, white and blue backgrounds interchange as various scenes from the war are played.

Then, a supertitle, something along the lines of “In the world’s greatest despair, our courage and strength led us into battle. Stories emerged of heroes, but one story has never been told”.

The Red, White and Blue background we have been shown then pulls back…. to reveal it’s Captain America’s shield!

Then a voice over by President Roosevelt : “Today we must create the finest army in history, and every army starts with one man.”

Captain America then emerges from the shadows.

“Next summer, meet the world’s first Avenger.”

We then get a good glimpse of the big guy – without shadow blocking his phizog.

Cut to the logo and a shot of “Captain America” throwing his shield at the Camera!