SDCC : The Punisher Rebooted! Again!


Details were understandably scarce but at tonight’s Marvel panel at Comic Crime, er, Comic Con, Kevin Feige announced that plans are afoot to do another “Punisher” movie.

Feige said the character was now back under the Marvel umbrella (he didn’t say when or how this happened) and he looked forward to telling a new ‘Frank Castle’ yarn.

In other words, reboot – and in this case, reboot number 3 for “The Punisher”.

Anyone else think it ain’t gonna get much better than “Punisher : War Zone”? I mean, that was great… the most loyal interpretation of the Marvel comic yet, with a great performance by Ray Stevenson out front, but it tanked. Either the interest just isn’t there… or, for most people, the character works better on the page.

What I’m hoping Marvel might be considering is throwing Frank Castle into one of the other Marvel movies – say, the Hulk or Daredevil – but I dare say, they’re not, and they’re actually going to start stringing the beans on another out-and-out remake.

Marvel are also planning on ‘starting from scratch’ on the “Daredevil” and “Fantastic Four” franchises, so I guess a “Punisher” redux shouldn’t be that big of a surprise.