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Josh Hutcherson’s Spider-Man audition!

Josh Hutcherson’s Spider-Man audition!

Update! Latino Review has posted Mr Hutcherson’s audition.

A few weeks ago Sony announced that newcomer Andrew Garfield had snagged the role of Peter Parker in the studio’s superfluous but predictably prosperous “Spider-Man” reboot.

But do you remember who the favoured frontrunner for the role was prior to Garfield’s signing? Yep, “Journey to the Centre of the Earth” youngster Josh Hutcherson (he played Brendan Fraser’s nephew in the 3D adventure flick).

It was all over the web – and everyone, including those he might’ve preferred didn’t, saw the reports suggesting the actor was about to swing for director Marc Webb.

No surprise then, what with everyone predicting Hutcherson’s predicted rise in popularity, that New Line would decide to jump on him before Sony could, excising the option they had on the actor for a “Journey to the Center of the Earth” sequel.

The youngster had no choice but to pull out of the Spidey race.

So while Hutcherson’s off on a Brendan Fraser-less “Journey” with New Line, Garfield’s wearing the cherry lycra.

So what would Hutcherson have been like as Spider-Man? We don’t know… what we do know is how he might have looked! Think McFly Think has some screengrabs from the actor’s audition test : Click the one below to view the rest!

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