Moviehole Mailbag – 27/7/10


Q. Clint, I definitely share with you love the love of “Casualties of War” – it is indeed one of the most harrowing and concise portraits of the Vietnam war. Whoever wrote in and said it isn’t a good movie obviously has no idea! (Ask this person what they think of “Transformers 2” or “G.I Joe” – I’m predicting they’ll have ‘glowing’ words for those two) Need I remind them of Variety‘s review of the film at the time? “A powerful metaphor of the national shame that was America’s orgy of destruction in Vietnam….Fox’s beautifully acted cowardly passivity in the face of the unthinkable challenges and implicates the viewer to examine his own conscience on the subject of Vietnam”. All true. – Thomas C.

A. I’m actually too afraid to write back to the guy, Thomas, for fear that he may respond with “I didn’t like Casualties of War for one main reason : Not enough rape scenes”.

Q. It’s not DePalma’s best film, but “Casualties of War’ is still very good. I couldn’t find your review though? Where did this person read it?- Lee

A. Hey, not sure actually. I know I’m quoted on the back of the DVD sleeve, but I’m listed as ‘Film Threat’ (who I use to write for back in the late ’90s) not ‘Moviehole’. Assumingly they’ve just seen the “One of the greatest war films” quote on the sleeve and shot an email off based on that alone. The guy probably had a few minutes to spare as his Playstation 3 loaded up.

Q.You seem to be the one in the know when it comes to all these Warner Bros superhero properties, like the new Superman and Batman, so do you know who the villains will be in both those films – Gary Scott

A. No, I don’t. Not only are both scripts still being written, but I don’t believe anyone has even seen a treatment yet. Having said that, the consensus seems to be that Christopher Nolan will use The Riddler and Catwoman in the new “Batman’ films, and one can only imagine that Lex Luthor will be involved in some capacity in the new “Superman” film.

Q. hey clint holden any way bob gale and robert zemickes are returning to write the story for the 4th back to the future movie so yeah i they start production next summer i,m really glad to see another time travel movie again i hope they micheal j, fox to play as doc brown i think will be the best sequel ever and then there going to do back to the future 5 so i can’t those will be the coolest sequels – Holden

A. “Back to the Future 4” starts production next Summer? Oh, in your world? Damn… I’ll have to pay a visit there sometime.

Q. When’s “The Goonies” on Blu-ray, Clint? – Pete Bray

A. The Big Fat “Goonies : 25th Anniversary Ultimate Collector’s Edition” will be unleashed in nifty 1080p and Dolby TrueHD on November 2nd. HDR says, in addition to a commentary, outtakes, Cyndi Lauper’s music vid, and a making-of, it’ll come with a boatload of memorabilia including a board game, a reprint of the Empire magazine article on the film’s anniversary, a 1985 souvenir magazine, and storyboard cards. You’d have to be a bumbling, numskull Fratelli brother to not wanna get in on this bitch, right!?

Q. Loved your Caffeinated Clint series on the classic films you enjoy. Takes me right back! Didn’t know there was another “Hidden” fan out there!- Graham

A. Believe me, more will eventually come out of, er, Hiding.

Q. What’s the most disappointing movie you’ve seen in recent times? – Leeds

A. Well, there’s one coming out next month that really disappointed me – I’m talking ”Bunsen burner to film reel” disappointing. Oh, and “The Runaways”, which really missed the mark. Main problem here was, the two main forces behind the band – that of legendary tomboy Joan Jett, and then 15-year-old sexpot Cherie Currie – led lives so wild, so eventful and not exactly commendable that their stories simply can’t be condescended into a soft, weren’t-they-lovely style 106 minute flick.Also, it feel as if the ‘Jett approved’ (and therein might lies it’s problem) film is holding back on us, saving all the ‘really’ wild stuff for an upcoming autobiography or just plain ol’ ashamed to ‘put it out there’ (in other words, don’t expect much from this ‘same sex kiss scene’ either – it’s over before you can cough), but Kristen Stewart’s performance, though good, is merely the unmemorable support act to Dakota Fanning’s main act. But before that, it’s the ones you’d expect – “Transformers 2”, “Wolverine”, “Spider-Man 3”, “X-Men 3”, “A Nightmare on Elm Street”, “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull”, “Snow Buddies”.

Q.hey clint do you think after michael bay makes transformers 3 he will do a big screen version of knight rider the movie the classic kitt car just wondering holden. – Holden

A. Um, yes?

Q. hey clint holden any way are they planing to make a brand new big screen version of knight rider the movie sometime in the near future later clint – Holden

A. Um, no?

Q. Hey Clint, was watching “Innerspace” again. It ends on a cliff-hanger; is the sequel ever gonna happen dude? – Dyson

A. I dunno. Let’s ask director Joe Dante. “[Innerspace] was sort of left open for a sequel, but the movie didn’t make a lot of money so the studio decided not to push forward with one. But I tell you, for a movie that didn’t make a lot of money upon its initial release, Innerspace – terrible title by the way – developed quite a following – mainly thanks to VHS.” So sounds like Jack Putter’s days as a rescue ranger were short-lived.

Hey Man, you talk a lot about your love of William Friedkin on Twitter. Do you think “Sorcerer” is a better film than “French Connection”? – Ray

A. Hey Ray. So we’re talking “French Connection” not “French Connection 2”? Yeah possibly. “Sorcerer” is a magnificent fucking movie but, as you probably know, the region1 DVD is absolute shithouse. The problem is is that it’s a transfer of a television broadcast master, so you miss the left and right side of the screen, and it’s also doused in dirt and grime. We eventually got a terrific looking edition of “To live and die in L.A” on DVD, after suffering through a piss-poor first issue, so one can only hope Friedkin’s trying to rally Uni into remastering and re-issuing “Sorcerer”.

Hey man, you’re from my era… I was watching the “Charles in Charge” box set the other day and the Powell’s weren’t in it. It was a different family. WTF!? – Warlock

A. Welcome back, Warlock! Yeah, the Pembroke’s – Lila, Douglas, Jason and so on – were written out after the first season (I think the writers explained that they moved to Seattle or something?). Not quite sure why, I just know that by the time the show was in first-run syndication, the Pembroke’s were out and the Powell’s were in. What a fun show that was though… do you remember the episode with Samantha Fox? She essentially played herself – a sexed-up singer – and her character tries to get Charles into the sack? That was a fun one. Also remember when Donny Most popped in – nice little “Happy Days” reunion.

Clint, You’re a big “Red October” fan. Personally, I was a bit bored by the movie. But anywayz, why didn’t Alec Baldwin play the role in the second one? Is there a story there? – Carl King

A. Man how can you get bored in “The Hunt for Red October”!? It’s one of the best thrillers of the ’90s! And it’s Connery! Not to mention ! Look, there were all sorts of rumours at the time as to why Baldwin didn’t come back for “Patriot Games” – I remember reading in the newspaper (in 1991 or whatever it was) that Baldwin had asked for too much money so Paramount sacked him – but the real story is nowhere near as interesting as the one the tabloids ran with… Baldwin was simply busy doing “A Streetcar named Desire” on Broadway so couldn’t do the film. In addition, Gates McFadden, who played Cathy Ryan (briefly) in “Red October”, couldn’t reprise the role for “Patriot Games” because she’d committed to starring in “Star Trek : The Next Generation”. So that’s when Paramount decided to bring in even bigger stars to reprise both roles – Harrison Ford, who at the time was fresh off a dud (“Regarding Henry”) but still a draw card, especially in action flicks, and Anne Archer, who of course hit the big time as Mike Douglas’ wife in Adrian Lyne’s “Fatal Attraction”. The box-office, and audience, would seem to have liked Ford as Ryan; in fact, I think the only person who didn’t like Harrison Ford as Ryan was author Tom Clancy.

Oh, I love love love the pics from “The Avengers” panel at Comic Con! Did anyone boo when Ruffalo came out!? – Claudia

A. Nope, they cheered – but then they cheer at Comic-Con for anything and everything, if a janitor had walked onto the stage and swept up the floor pre-panel, they would’ve cheered him too.