del Toro, Cameron succumb to Madness


The Billy Joel and Elton John of the film world are teaming up to stage one gala production.

Guillermo del Toro and James Cameron are working on bringing the long-gestating “At The Mountains of Madness”, based on the H.P Lovecraft book of the same name, to the big screen. del Toro plans on directing; Cameron producing.

According to Deadline, the film is set up at Universal (with whom del Toro worked on “Hellboy II” with), will be shot in 3D, has a hefty budget attached to it, and will begin pre-production in the next few weeks for a shoot next Summer.

The eternally-busy del Toro has been onboard “Madness” for years, with the project first showing signs of life in 2004 when it was set up at Dreamworks.

Here’s a Summary of the Lovecraft book, courtesy : “Miskatonic University of Arkham, Massachussetts, sends a scientific expedition to explore the snowy wastes of Antarctica. Once there the team uses experimental drilling equipment to search for fossils from the days when Antarctica was a steaming, prehistoric jungle. In an icy cavern members of the expedition discover perfectly preserved specimens of a winged, column-like creature and bring them back to camp for study.

Informed of the momentous find by radio, the unnamed expedition leader and a companion race to the scene. When they arrive they discover the camp destroyed, the men and sled dogs alike slaughtered and dissected. The mysterious specimens are missing along with some scientific equipment and one team member. Suspecting mutiny or perhaps insanity the team leader sets off into the mountains, following the tracks of a hastily constructed sledge and footprints that are decidedly inhuman. Almost willfully blind to the truth until too late, the scientists realize the alien specimens were only hibernating and now seek to return to the ancient prehuman city that is their home. What follows is a story told in hieroglyhs, recording the rise and fall of an alien empire that genetically engineered man as a buffoonish, ape-like jester to amuse their inhuman intellects. The explorers must try to escape not only the city, but also the mindless, protoplasmic slaves who built it for their slumbering creators.”