Olivia Wilde gets Nude for Jon Favreau


Now there’s a headline – or a young woman’s nightmare.

“Cowboys and Aliens” co-star Adam Beach tells The Toronto Sun that the film’s female lead has just shot a rather audacious nude scene in the blockbuster. He didn’t say whether or not star Harrison Ford dribbled drool down his check as he watched Wilde unravel.

“We just finished shooting Olivia Wilde naked in front of a bonfire in front of 500 Apache warriors,” Beach said. “That was beautiful. You won’t get to see what I saw, but you’ll get a glimpse.”

When asked about ditching her duds for the film, Wilde responded : “Did Adam Beach talk to you? Adam Beach is the best. Last night, we did a scene where I’m naked in front of a group of couple hundred Apache. Pretty amazing, pretty interesting.”

It’s not the first time Wilde, who also appears in this year’s “Tron Legacy”, has tossed her togs for a film – she had a sex scene with co-star Emile Hirsch in “Alpha Dog” a couple of years back. In an interview with Complex, Wilde said she “loved that the scene [in Alpha Dog] wasn’t about the nudity; it’s about belittling his manhood. And I love the fact that I’m like sitting back with my boobs out, smoking a cigarette, and completely insensitive and hard. I found that really powerful, as opposed to having it be a more voyeuristic scene about the nudity. It felt more real and interesting, and raw and fun.”