Exclusive : Lundgren on Universal Soldier 4


It was reported earlier this year, I believe at Cannes, that Dolph Lundgren and Jean-Claude Van Damme would be reprising their roles as the seemingly imperishable Universal Soldier’s in a third sequel to Roland Emmerich’s 1992 hit.

Foresight Unlimited, the production company behind the film, said the ‘3D’ “Universal Soldier” sequel would go into production in the Fall. John Hyams, who directed “Universal Soldier : Regeneration”, would return as director. Sounded like the deal was as done as the Ozone.

Fall is fastly approaching and the trades have yet to officially announce the project…so what’s going on with it? Still happening? I thought, no better man to ask, than ‘Andrew Scott’ himself, Dolph Lundgren.

I spoke to Lundgren today from the Ukraine, where he’s promoting the impending cash-cow “The Expendables”.

Firstly, it won’t be filming anytime soon.

“I haven’t seen the script. I don’t actually even know who is in it”, says Lundgren.

The amiable actor says he’s until he sees a script, and until he knows who is involved (he’s likely referring to Jean-Claude Van Damme), he’s not committed.

“I don’t know if I’m going to do it. It’s just hard to say whether it’s going to be any good, but we’ll see. I suppose the hard thing is, I’ve died twice – got chopped up at one stage – so they’d have to think of a clever way to bring me back again.”

Lundgren sounded more optimistic about an “Expendables” sequel.

Look for my full interview with Dolph Lundgren in the coming days.