Scream fave reprising role for third sequel?


So we know that David Arquette, Courteney Cox and Neve Campbell (albeit reluctantly) have agreed to return for the Bob & Harvey bankruptcy deterrent “Scream 4”, but are the trio the only cast members of the original trilogy reprising their roles for this new film?


Still, since when has the truth been more interesting than speculation and hearsay?

Ann Arbor (via Bloody Disgusting) is reporting that “Scream” star Matthew Lillard (who played Stu in the original film) has been spotted lunching with former co-star Neve Campbell in Michigan. Nope, it’s not a date – Campbell is happily married (to actor John Light), and as far as I can see, Lillard has nothing filming in Michigan. So could it be that ‘Stu’ (or maybe the twin brother we didn’t know about?) has been written into the script (which, though penned by Kevin Williamson, is now apparently the charge of)? Yeah, I know, ‘But Stu died in the original!’ I hear you say – yes, but since 1996 there has been significant medical breakthroughs…. it’s quite possibly that doctors have being able to revive people who have had TV’s dropped on their heads in recent years.

Probably BS, all the same.