Bryan Singer talks X-Men : First Class


In an effort to silence some of the nasty talkbackers and forum frolickers (they’re scared that the prequel is becoming ‘too overpopulated’ and, based on some continuity errors with some of the characters, a bungled mess), “X-Men : First Class” producer Bryan Singer gave Harry Knowles over at Aint it Cool a call on the weekend to let him know just how – well, of course – ‘cool’ the forthcoming prequel will be.

I have to admit, Singer’s a super salesman.

The film, which we know will be a prequel to Singer’s 2000 film, stars James McAvoy as Charles Xavier and Michael Fassbender as Magneto. And director Matthew Vaughn has rounded up a bravura supporting cast for the thing – including Kevin Bacon, Oliver Platt, January Jones, Nicholas Hoult, Rose Byrne and Jennifer Lawrence.

I, personally, think it’s going to turn out quite good…. especially after what Singer has to say about it.

In short, here’s what Singer says about the film :

– It will be set in the ’60s. Therefore Kennedy will be President; Martin Luther King will still be alive; Elvis still sells out concert halls.

– We will see how Xavier and Magneto, both in their 20s, met.

– The film begins at Oxford University in the ’60s, where Xavier is a student.

– We will see how Xavier ended up in the wheelchair (He will walk for the majority of the film). Oh, and he will also have hair!

– We will see Xavier and Magneto formulating what will become the X-Men.

– The costumes, being set in the ’60s, will look far more comic book ish.

– Jean Grey and Scott Summers won’t be in the film, though Scott’s brother Alex aka Havoc (played by Lucas Till) will be.

– Kevin Bacon and January Jones are playing Sebastian Shaw and Emma Frost, respectively. And yes, the Hellfire Club will play a part in the film.

– They’ll be shooting in the UK and the US but the film will actually be set in various parts of the world. It will have more of an international flavour than the other three “X-Men” movies.

– There are still more characters to be announced, Singer said.

Expect more news soon on “X-Men : First Class”!