Willis, Sutherland up for Fantastic Four reboot?


Fox clearly aren’t in the ‘would you be happier with a cheaper, generic brand?’ business anymore.

Hot on the heels of rumours suggesting 20th Century is looking at Adrien Brody and Alice ‘She’s Out Of My League’ Eve for the roles of Mr and Mrs Fantastic, respectively, in their unnecessary-but-necessary (legally speaking) “Fantastic Four” reboot, word is that Bruce Willis and Kiefer Sutherland are two of the hefty names on the ‘Ben Grimm’ wish-list. Both, of course, have good relationships with the studio – Willis from his work on the “Die Hard” series; Sutherland with TVs “24”.

Comic Book Movie says Willis is center of the map on the studio’s sonar. The “Die Hard” star would play Ben Grimm in the first reel of the film before handing things over to his CGI counterpart ‘The Thing’ – which Bruno would voice. Not too demanding a role, but Willis’s involvement would likely add Mr Sheen to what some may consider a grimy, rather unappealing redo. Not the first time the former “Moonlighting” heartthrob has been linked to a superhero role – you may remember, many years ago, Willis’s name coming up in relation to that of ‘Nick Fury’.

Likely the same for Sutherland, who Screen Rant reported was also a candidate for the orange-coloured ‘Grimm’ this afternoon, he’d play Ben Grimm as a human then lend his lungs to his not-so-hot-looking alias.

There’s no director onboard the reboot yet, but Comic Book Movie say David Yates (“Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows”), Joe Carnahan (“The A-Team”) and James McTiegue (“V for Vendetta”) are possibilities.

The site adds, “The current screenplay for the Fantastic Four reboot tells a more dramatic tale of Marvel’s first superhero family, and will introduce audiences to a bevvy of characters not yet seen on film. Two characters from the previous franchise that will, at this point, make appearances (besides the central four heroes) are Doctor Doom and the Silver Surfer; though I am unsure as to the extent of their roles. If all goes according to plan, The next Fantastic Four film will begin filming next spring in 3D, as apposed the the now-standard post conversion process. Fox is tentatively looking at a summer, 2012, release for the film. “