M2 announces upcoming slate of films


On Monday it was announced that “2:37” Director Murali K. Thalluri had kicked off M2 Entertainment, a new shingle run by Thalluri and various reputable movie-men (including long-time Snoogans staple Scott Mosier of “Chasing Amy” & “Mallrats” fame), that will bankroll and unleash two low budget films each year for the next three years.

Murali, who directed the Cannes selected ”2:37” before he was 21, said he was inspired to set up the fund while attempting to finance his second film. “It’s so hard, and its taken me four or five years to get my next film up, and I know plenty of other filmmakers who are facing the same struggles. I felt we had to try and do something. He says. ‘We just thought it would be a great thing to give the power back to the film makers and let them make the films they want to make with an unprecedented level of control.'”

The major investors (shelling out a combined $9 million) are Arclight Films, Wildfire Studios & Graetz Media. The board is comprised of industry heavyweights including Kevin Smith’s long time producer Scott Mosier (”Clerks”, ”Chasing Amy”, ”Good Will Hunting” etc).

“I see the fund supporting the kinds of films that aren’t necessarily finding it easy to get financed and require someone who is willing to take a chance. We should be finding and supporting the next generation of filmmakers. The people who have new and original stories to tell, but don’t have the means of getting them made.” Scott Says. Other board members include producer Michelle Krumm who is also a former long time executive with Weinstein Company as well as Ian Gibbins General Manager of Arclight Films, Sound Mixers Leslie Shatz and Chris David & Murali’s ”2:37” team Nick Matthews and Nick Selth.

M2 Entertainment tells us that 3 projects already on their slate are :

  • “Jewel” – A David-Lean style action/adventure about two young boys who are sold into slavery but escape with a rare jewel.Thalluri will direct
  • “World War III” – Thalluri will direct.
  • “Rogue” – a comedy about redheads entitled ‘Rouge’ written by Solomon Paul & Sam Kennedy.