Twilight director doing Marvel sequel?


David Slade (“30 Days of Night”) is the favourite to play captain over on 20th Century Fox’s “X-Men Origins : Wolverine” tug.

Deadline says it’s between popcorn-movie staple Slade, who most recently helmed the third film in the “Twilight” series, and arthouse fave Darren Aronofsky (“Black Swan”).

”Slade, who just directed the summer hit The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, met over the weekend with [Hugh] Jackman on location where he is shooting Real Steel for DreamWorks. Aronofsky has also been talking with Jackman, and they have a good relationship that dates back to The Fountain, when Jackman stepped in after Brad Pitt dropped out. Jackman holds a lot of clout in the decision and while Aronofsky has some momentum of his own because of Black Swan, I’d say Slade has the edge.”

The site is also reporting that other commitments may prevent Robert Rodriguez from directing “Wolverine” spin-off “Deadpool” starring Ryan Reynolds.

“I just spoke with Rodriguez. He said he has read the Deadpool script and likes it, but his own obligations promoting Machete and then directing Spy Kids 4 has made his participation tenuous. “They are trying to make a certain small window that’s going to be tough because of Spy Kids,” Rodriguez told me. “If they push it back, it would be a lot better for me.”‘