Earlier today Clint ran a piece from The Independent’s interview with Ridley Scott, in which the famed filmmaker talked a little bit about his plans for the forthcoming “Alien” prequel. Less than a few hours later, we’ve got enough juicy bit of “Ripley Begins” (that’s not the title; Ripley won’t even be in it – sniff) news to share.

Gemma Arterton, the former Bond girl (from “Quantum of Solace”) that’s gone onto starring roles in the likes of “The Disappearance of Alice Creed” and “Tamara Drewe”, may end up in the movie.

The Times (via Digital Spy) reports that Arterton, who recently starred opposite Sam Worthington in “Clash of the Titans”, has been commissioned to the office of Sir Ridley for a meeting. The filmmaker was apparently quite impressed with the actress’s turn in “Alice Creed” and wants to discuss with her a possible part in his science-fiction blockbuster.