Star Wars star heading back into Space!?


They’re still playing musical chairs over there on Alfonso Cuaron’s “Gravity”!

The film, a science-fictioner about a female engineer in space, can’t seem to find the right woman : Angelina Jolie was originally onboard to play the lead, but filming delays and other pressing commitments forced the “Salt” star to balk; then Rachel Weisz was said to be considering the flick; later, Scarlett Johansson was said to be the favourite to don the space duds, and recently, it was revealed that no one actress was under consideration – the producers were actually looking at everyone from Blake Lively to Abbie Cornish for the lead. Now, says Risky Business, Natalie Portman has reportedly been offered the role.

Apparently Portman is so impressive in Darren Aronofsky’s “Black Swan” that the young actress isn’t even required to screentest for the lead role in “Gravity” – an $80 million dollar 3D Science-Fiction thriller – it’s a straight-up offer. Big leap of faith.

Though “Gravity” will largely concentrate on a lone female character, Robert Downey Jr has agreed to play a small role in the film.