Did Ted Mosby father Captain Kirk!?


Earlier this week, it got out that several notable actresses (one being Aussie starlet Jacinda Barrett) had met with the producers of “How I Met Your Mother” about playing a pivotal series-changing role on the sitcom (Word on the street is that it’s for the role of ‘The Mother’. Nobody has actually came out and declared that to be the character – gotta be though, right!? Read EP’s comments below!).

That job has gone to Jennifer Morrison, according to EW.

Morrison, best known for her role on “House” and recently seen as Kirk’s Mama in “Star Trek”, will play Zooey, described by EP Craig Thomas as “the biggest female character we’ve maybe ever added to the show in Ted’s life. This is a big arc—a huge arc. It’s going to be a little less date-of-the-week for Ted, which season 5 was.”

Michael Ausiello adds that Zooey is ”a quick-witted, rabble-rousing activist who initially clashes with Ted over the planned demolition of a historic New York hotel”.

Morrison will be a regular on the sitcom, signing on for at least 13 episodes.

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