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Travolta’s got Saturday Night Fever again!?

Travolta’s got Saturday Night Fever again!?

There was talk of a second sequel to “Saturday Night Fever” for years – John Travolta expressed interest at one stage (if only to help obliterate the stench left by “Staying Alive”), as did Paramount (no surprise, “Fever” and it’s lousy sequel were two of the biggest hits of the late ’70s/early ’80s), but strangely enough, those expressions of interest didn’t happen at the same time….guess that’s why a second sequel to the ’70s disco hit didn’t happen? – but it’s been all quiet on the western front as far as “SNF 3″ rumours go in recent times.

What’s Playing’s Hollywood Insider column is reporting that there’s all-new-and-improved rumblings of a “Saturday Night Fever 3″ – and this time, the studio and star might be on the same page. The talks seem to have been spurred on by the success of Stallone’s franchise ‘bookend’ “Rocky Balboa”, which sparked something in Travolta.

Says the site, “Travolta has had talks with 5555 regarding reprising Tony Manero for a third (though I can imagine they’ll probably skip over the events of Staying Alive) and final time. The disco-king would, like his portrayer, be in his late 50’s now – so can’t imagine there’ll be a lot of dancing in the film… or would there? Travolta can apparently still cut a rug… maybe the new film will see the one-time paint-store employee returning to the dance floor to show the young ones how it’s done? I’m quite keen to see what they come up with, if it comes together. Meantime, Travolta’s no longer attached to play J.R Ewing in the long-planned Dallas movie – the film has been canned in favor of a TV reboot of the ’80s soap.”

You know, I’d love to see this… but I think people are going to be disappointed by the absence of The Bee Gee’s music in the film. Unless, of course, they recycle the old tracks?

The original “Saturday Night Fever” was John Travolta’s big break. The “Welcome Back Kotter” star played an immature young man whose weekends are spent visiting a local Brooklyn discothèque. The film has a 89% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

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