Cameron doing True Lies TV series


Will never forget – will we Pete? – turning up the Greater Union Cinemas in Russell Street there on a Saturday night to see the ‘Full House’ sign hanging below the “True Lies” session times. Very, very disappointing.


Umpteen years after Tom Arnold started those sequel rumours (Okay, so he didn’t start them but he’s fueled them), those “True Lies 2” whispers can finally be laid to rest.

Director James Cameron had actually planned to do a big-screen sequel but after the events of 9/11 decided the last thing the world needed to see was a terrorist-centric fantasy piece.

Instead, Cameron will shepherd a new “True Lies” TV series (Um, without terrorists!?).

“I hear the project, from Cameron’s Lightstorm Entertainment and 20th Century Fox TV, is about to be taken out to the networks” says Nikki Fenke. “Rene Echevarria is the writer/showrunner, exec producing with Cameron and Lightstorm’s Rae Sanchini and Jon Landau.”

Echevarria was a co-producer and later executive producer on another Cameron-series “Dark Angel”.

Obviously the main roles of Harry Tasker, Helen Tasker and Albert Gibson will be recast for the series… or will they!? Chances are atleast one of those guys can do with a steady paycheck right about now. In fact, wouldn’t at all be surprised if Arnold (the stout one) reprises Gibson.