New York I Love You


By Alicia Malone

Ahhh New York, how do I love thee? I would count the ways, but that would take me too long. Suffice to say I love thee muchly. So, when I heard there was a film called ”New York, I Love You”, I just had to check it out.

New York, I Love You is by the same producers as ”Paris Je t’aime”, and follows the same format – a series of short films about love – this time set in New York. In all there are twelve different stories by eleven different directors, including big names such as Brett Ratner (“Rush Hour”) and Shekhar Kapur (“Elizabeth: The Golden Age”). Each mini story is filled with star actors, and tells tales of young love, old love, fresh lust and reconnecting with a long-term partner.

I love the concept of these films, but they are very hard to pull off. With so many stories there are always going to be ones that you love, ones that you hate, and ones that you don’t care so much about. One of my favourite stories stars Chloris Leachman and Eli Wallach as an old, bickering married couple who are very funny and also quite sweet. I also loved the vignette starring Ethan Hawke as a writer who tries to convince Maggie Q’s character that she is married to the wrong guy and should be with him instead, even though they have only just met.

“Paris Je t’aime” was a more successful film for me, because each director had a distinctly different visual style to the others. In “New York, I Love You” the styles are all a bit same same, and there wasn’t as much of the city as I had hoped.

It’s got all my favourite things – New York, stories about love, and Bradley Cooper – so I should have enjoyed it a lot more than I did.


A couple of additional short films