The NeverEnding Story


By Drew Turney

Totally original fantasy film (albeit borrowed heavily from fantasy folklore) that always impressed me for having run in Sydney cinemas for 14 months.

A unique (if obscure and in actual fact redundant) premise of Oliver’s character hiding at school to read the book as the film depicts the story to us. All that link the lead characters together are strange touches that make you think they’re psychically linked in some way.

Effective characters like the dog/dragon, Rock biter and the wolfish villain – who terrified me (in my post ”American-Werewolf” fear of all things canine) until it started to talk.

Blu-Ray Details and Extras

There’s not much to say about this release. Yeah, so it looks and sounds much better than the standard DVD (1080p/5.1) but no extras? really? for a film as legendary as this? Doesn’t seem right.


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