Here’s Chris Evans in Captain America!


A couple of days ago we posted the first pics of the delish Hayley Atwell (playing Peg Carter) filming “Captain America : The First Avenger” over in the isle of tea and scones. Great look for the character. Great backdrop (very “Untouchables”). Very… Okay, a tad more excited.

Today, we’ve some shots of ‘Captain America’ himself, Chris Evans, to show you. Granted, Evans isn’t in ‘America’ garb, he’s merely playing Steve Rogers (the man behind the shield), but it’s still the dude. One and the same. The guy that’s gonna be, er, the guy. Look at the flute-holed muscles on that fella!?

There’s more pics here

“Captain America : The First Avenger” stars Chris Evans, Hugo Weaving (“The Wolfman”), Tommy Lee Jones (“No Country for Old Men”), Stanley Tucci (“Easy A”), Haley Atwell (“The Duchess”), Sebastian Stan (TVs “Kings”), Dominic Cooper (“Mamma Mia!”), Toby Jones (“Infamous”) and Neal McDonough (TVs “Desperate Housewives”); out July 22.