Exciting times ahead for Natalie Portman : She’s the star of what’s unquestionably one of the most-anticipated films of the year, the critically acclaimed “Black Swan”; She’s the female lead in the 2011 Marvel blockbuster “Thor”; She’s rumored to be in the running to play Lois Lane in – another superhero movie – the 2012 “Superman” reboot (see story here); and she’s tipped to be playing the female lead in Alfonso Cuaron’s “Gravity”, opposite Robert Downey Jr. It’s fair to say the girl is definitely looking to the future… pushing forward all the time!

Does that mean she wouldn’t consider briefly looking back?

Asked whether or not she’d consider doing a sequel to “Leon The Proffesional” – the 1994 film that kickstarted her career – Portman said, “Luc [Besson] won’t direct it himself, and so I’m only interested if he [directs],” the actress tells MTV. “I told him if he would do it himself, I would do it in two seconds. But he won’t.”