Much like the just-announced “Munsters” TV series reboot, “Wonder Woman” was initially intended to be a big-screen venture. Everyone from Joss Whedon to McG, has worked on the feature film version which, judging by how long it’s been since we’ve heard anything on it, is seemingly dead (Aussie Megan Gale was ready to play the character in George Miller’s “Justice League” – it went belly-up too).

Wonder Woman is returning to our screens though – albeit, on TV! (Seems the Invisible Jet only has enough gas to get to a satellite dish, not a cinema complex).

THR says David E.Kelley (“Chicago Hope”, “The Practice”), a rather unlikely but welcome choice, is behind the reboot of the old Lynda Carter (hopefully she has a cameo!) series. No network onboard as of yet. Hopefully not Fox, who just canned Clinty’s favourite new show “Lone Star”, or NBC, who really stuffed up with their “Bionic Woman” relaunch.

We all loved “Wonder Woman” in the ’80s right? Well us girls did anyway!