Everwood : Season 3


By Clint Morris

The final season of the unashamedly short-lived series offers just as much action, angst and adorable ‘Amy’ as previous seasons have.

A quiet, inoffensive family drama surrounding a single father who ships his kids off to live in a small Colorado town, who have offered him the position of the local GP, “Everwood” is the kind of show that, quite simply, never had much of a chance.

Today, the kids aren’t so much into quality scripted television with captivating characters and educational storylines as they are comfort junk – be it a trashy reality TV series or two-laughs-an-episode sitcom. “Everwood” came along just as that trend had started to gain momentum, thus though it’s first two seasons had a reasonable following, all but those few devoted fans had disappeared by the time season 3 came around. Sad, folks missed out on a fine show.

Much of Season 3 has to do with tying-up loose-ends – which is good, considering it’s our final visit with the amiable townsfolk – with Andy (Treat Williams) finally getting the courage to go after the woman he loves Nina (Stephanie Niznik) and son, Ephram (Gregory Smith) making a last-ditch attempt to regain the love and trust of on-again off-again on-again girlfriend Amy (Emily VanCamp). Scott Wolf joined the show for it’s final season playing a young doctor who competes for Nina’s affections.

Sadly missed show.