Exclusive : Lost Boys star headlines HBO series


Up and comer Tanit Phoenix (“Lost Boys : The Thirst”, “Death Race 2”) has snagged the lead role in the new 13 part series for HBO called “Femme Fatales”.

The show, said to be in the vein of “The Twilight Zone”, will tell a different story each week – with an all-new cast – with Phoenix serving as the show’s sexy narrator.

The series, said to be inspired by films like “Red Rock West”, is based on the magazine of the same name.

The show is co-created and executive produced by Mark A. Altman (“Castle”) and Steve Kriozere (“NCIS”). It airs 2011.

Some will recall that Phoenix, a model hailing from South Africa, was one of the leading contenders for the female lead in “Transformers 3″.

The actress recently told us, ”My audition was a video audition, I am in South Africa gearing up to shoot another film so unfortunately could not present myself to Michael, wish I could have”, Phoenix said.

Phoenix was one of the four actresses on the short-list. Unfortunately, the role went to Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.

But no loss, Phoenix will still land on Hollywood’s radar when “The Lost Boys :The Thirst” and “Death Race 2 : Frankenstein Lives” are released in future months.

The actress, who recently attached herself to a big-budget British Spy Film, bet a number of U.S actresses to play the lead role of in the second of “The Lost Boys” sequels.

”I went up against some interesting American actresses, but Warner Bros and the producers loved my audition – and the director, Dario Piana and I got on so well – that they decided on me for the lead.

“I had only seen the first film with Keifer Sutherland, and in its time, it was a classic, now I see it has cult status. The current Vampire phenomenon is amazing. What I found very interesting about the Lost Boys script was that it showcases Vampires how they really are, blood sucking and evil, which somewhat dances around the fact that ‘Twilight’ made their Vampires seem beautiful, but they really are not. I wanted to play a bad girl, and I finally got my chance.”

The 5’9 stunner will happily sing the praises of her legendary co-star Corey Feldman, who reprises his role as vampire hunter Edgar Frog in the film.

“Corey is very sweet. He takes his work seriously. But he is just a big kid!”, Phoenix laughs. “For the most part our characters don’t gel in the script, so to play bad girl on set and then have that change of character and be our fun loving selves off set was interesting.”

A bad guy must ultimately end up a little bruised and battered, right? “The most physical I got was getting into skimpy outfits”, Phoenix laughs, “In the film I play a Vampire novelist, I write romance stories about humans and Vampires, and My character is used to getting what she wants so she has other people doing things for her, naturally.”

In “Death Race 2”, Phoenix plays “Katrina Banks, she is an ex military sniper who is sent to jail for killing a superior officer. You find out why in the story line, but she is bad ass. She falls in love with Luke Goss’ character the film. I get to navigate, and I do major stunts from climbing out of the speeding car and shoot other convicts, to being shot out of the car and landing with a safety chute. I also have an amazing scene with Sean Bean, one on one! So excited for this film to be released!”

The pivotal question though, was Phoenix a BROS fan growing up? “I am too young to remember Luke [Goss’s] band BROS. Luke did show me some of the music they made and their music videos, couple of hot boys!”

Upon being notified that Warner Bros has “Wonder Woman” back in development, Phoenix raises her hand. “I want that role!”.