Quick News – October 7, 2010


Rumor has it that the title for the third “Transformers” movie is…. “Transformers : I’m Gonna Need Some Lube”…. er, I mean “Transformers : Dark Side of the Moon” (More…)

The worryingly-postponed “Season of the Witch” starring Nicolas Cage is back on a release schedule. Relativity will unspool the thing on January 7.

Richard Stanley – the chap who was fired four days into “The Island of Dr Moreau” – is writing an adaptation of the J.G. Ballard novel ”High Rise” for “Splice” director Vincenzo Natali (More…)

An old friend, Danny Strong (Jonathan on “Buffy”, the writer of HBO’s “Recount”) is adapting the book ”Sweet Thunder: The Life and Times of Sugar Ray Robinson” for the big screen. I’m gonna take a punt and say Strong isn’t planning on playing Sugar Ray himself (More…)

There’s a bunch of set photos from “Mission : Impossible 4” – or whatever-the-hell it’s called – over here.

Graham King has snapped up the film rights (apparently they were auctioned off like a dead woman’s pearls) to the Broadway musical “Jersey Boys: The Story of Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons“. Human Nature need not apply (More…)

Billy Ray, director of the magnifico “Shattered Glass”, has been set to direct ”The Secret In Their Eyes”, an English-language remake of last year’s foreign film Oscar winner ”El Secreto De Sus Ojos” (More…)

Talented horror filmmaker J.T Petty (“Mimic 3”) is putting lens to mug on “Hellbenders“, said to be a cross of “Ghostbusters” and “The Exorcist” – hoping that doesn’t mean a ‘pea soup scene with Annie Potts’ (More…)

Dreamworks apparently want to make the still-swirling-in-its-old-juices “Halo” movie. Talk is cheap… (More…)

Emma Stone is apparently being courted to play ”Tom Hansen’s girlfriend, Jules” in the Jonah Hill-produced/co-starring “21 Jump Street” movie (More…)

Rock legend, and former TripleM colleague ‘Slash’ is entering the movie biz. His company Slasher films are going to make old school horror flicks, apparently. The first? ”Nothing to Fear’‘, a horror/thriller that follows a young family as it tries to reinvent itself by moving to a small town in rural Kansas. The family is tormented by an ancient demon with an insatiable blood lust (More…)

In anticipation of their newest release “30 Days of Night : Dark Days“, the foxes at Sony DVD have released an interactive game trailer. You can hunt vampires and help the team destroy the ruthless Queen responsible for the assaults on their towns right here

The details listing for the “Avatar : Collectors Edition” Blu-ray, out November, has been unleashed. On the “Avatar Extended Collection’s Edition: 3-Disc Collector’s Edition Blu-ray” you’ll find : the Original Theatrical Version, Special Edition Re-Release, Collector’s Extended Cut – 16 more minutes and exclusive alternate opening, “Capturing Avatar“ An in-depth feature length documentary with James Cameron, Jon Landau and cast and crew, Deleted Scenes – including over 45 minutes of new never-before-seen deleted scenes, Production Materials, Open “Pandora’s Box” and go deeper into the filmmaker process, Interactive Scene Deconstruction: Explore the various stages of production through 3 different viewing modes, Production Shorts: 17 featurettes covering performance capture, Scoring the film, 3D Fusion Camera, Stunts and much more. There’s also Avatar Archives including original scriptment, 300 page screenplay and the extensive Pandorapedia. Plus BD-live Portal with additional bonus materials (UK, France, Germany, Japan, Australia & US)

Check out the poster for “All Good Things” starring Ryan Gosling and Kirsten Dunst here. The flick, opening in cinemas in December, is a love story and murder mystery set against the backdrop of a New York real estate dynasty in the 1980s.

The very last of the famous Bryan masks – worn by cult members in the film “Bryan Loves You” – is going to be given away to one horror fan on Halloween night. To enter the contest, simply comment on the YouTube video here here. Seriously, this is the last mask in the world. Only about 50 were made for production, and this is the last remaining. Almost never does a film released by a major distributor give away a valuable piece of itself. But just like the title says, Bryan does indeed love you, hence his benevolence (muah ha hhhaaa!).

Sam Raimi has apparently committed to doing that “Wizard of Oz” prequel with Robert Downey Jr. I can’t wait to see the set pics of Bruce Campbell as The Cowardly Lion! (More…)

Speaking of Raimi, his Ghost House Pictures are getting busy on a film version of the dog-eared paperback by R.L Stine, “The Sitter” (no, Jonah Hill is not in it) (More…)

Late Night Talk Show host Chelsea Handler is segueing to the big screen. She’s joining the cast of the constantly-cast-shuffling “This Mean’s War” with Chris Pine, Tom Hardy and Reese Witherspoon (More…)

Mark Ruffalo seems to believe whatever Kevin Feige tells him. According to the ‘new’ Incredible Hulk, he’s been promised parts in not only a slew of “Avengers” films but also solo “Hulk” movies (More…)

Veteran great Alan ‘Hawkeye’ Alda has been snapped up by Uni to lend his services to “Tower Heist“, the new Brett Ratner/Ben Stiller comedy (the script of which I found to be terribly unfunny), and “Wanderlust“, which marks the reunion of Jennifer Aniston and Paul Rudd (More…)

Warners will start screen-testing actors for the new “Superman” in November, with Noah Bean (“Damages”) and an unspecified “True Blood” actor (Could be Kwanten? Could be John Billingsley!) a certainty to get a look-in, says Hollywood Insider.

Bruce Willis says “Die Hard 5” will probably happen in 2011. He didn’t say whether his hairpiece would be reprising it’s role from “Die Hard With a Vengeance” but unlikely since they killed that character off in “Live Free or Die Hard” (More…)