The Hole Cast Ep.007


A weekly podcast in which the Moviehole staff, headed by Clint Morris, talk up the latest in cinema releases, chat about what’s happening in Hollywood, interview celebrities, and take a look back at the films of yesteryear. Regular segments include Flashback, Mailbag and Caffeinated Clint.

This Week : Clint talks to Richard Gray, writer/director of the new Australian film “Summer Coda”, as well as Blake Lively, one of the stars of “The Town”. Jamie Williams stops by to talk about the latest “Superman” and “Spider-Man” films. Clint talks about the films of October 1985.

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Caffeinated Clint
Clint is the creator, editor and maintainer of Moviehole. Loves David Lynch, David Fincher... actually, any filmmaker by the name of David.