Is this the real reason Fury Road has been postponed…


You’ll all have read by now that the GT has run out of Gas. Again.

“Mad Max Fury Road” has been shut down… until 2012.


Anyone’s guess.

‘Um, the weather’s not good’, say reps for the on-again off-again on-again off-again sequel.

“The budget’s ballooned like Kathleen Turner post-V.I Warshawski”, says another.

“Warner weren’t happy that Miller wanted Babe to cameo”.

In all seriousness, we’re not really getting any answers why the film, starring Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron, has been put on blocks. Well, Miller blames it on the weather… but nobody seems to be buying that. Personally, I think that could be a legit blame – it has been shitty weather of late.

Screen Hub reported today that the postponement may have something to do with George Miller working on two films at once – “Fury Road” and “Happy Feet 2”.

The site, which is subscription only so I’ll cut and paste a fair whack of it here for you, says “The cafe gossip around Sydney is pretty clear. Warners want Miller to finish Happy Feet before going into pre-production on Mad Max 4, in order to keep him focused on the one production. Darker voices, fuelled by triple shots, claim that Warners believes Legend of the Guardians suffered from an absentee director, and don’t want to repeat the experience.

In tough times, Warners may be nervous about the budget too, though they will want to squeeze it just as a matter of principle. They already carry significant costs – the pic has been developed and frozen twice before, and those outgoings will still be on the ledger. Besides, a lot of work has already been done on the film – cars, for instance, are built and in storage. We’ve been told that the budget Fox concocted reached $240m before they folded their tents and crept away.

The budget can cut two ways. If Miller makes a masterpiece out of Happy Feet 2, the Warner Fudds will have to wear more of his dream budget. And if Jackson can get $500m or so for two films from a slim book about short, hairy people chased by a large spider, then Miller should be able to fund his homage to the real god of human affairs – the car.

Is it true that Kennedy Miller has prudently decided the weather is against a summer shoot in Broken Hill? Is that all the story?

The triple shot money is still on Miller being the wascally wabbit up against the Elmer Fudds at Warners, who have no faith in his ability to multi-task.”

Miller is sticking to his story that the weather is to blame for the film’s delay.

Talking to Garry Maddox, Miller said rain had forced the planned February shoot for the Warner Bros production to be delayed for a second time. The new start date would be July at the earliest and more likely September-October.

”Warners are very, very committed to the film, as we are,” Miller said. ”There is nothing like creative problems. It’s not an issue of budget; we’re covered on the Australian dollar rise.”

”Unfortunately for Mad Max, what was wasteland is now this wonderful flower garden,” Miller said. Finding an alternative desert location elsewhere in Australia was not possible.

”We’ve looked at every single nook and cranny in Australia for these specific locations,” Miller said.

”That’s why Broken Hill has become such a base for outback films: you’ve got the infrastructure of the city itself and the treeless plains beyond.

”Obviously if we go to Namibia or Morocco or Chile it’s a different kettle of fish, but we want to shoot it here.”

That article states that Hugh Keays-Byrne, who played Toecutter in the original “Mad Max” and was slated to play Martian Manhunter in Miller’s canned “Justice League” project, is also attached to the film.

Whatever the reason, doesn’t really matter. All that matters is that “Fury Road” won’t be back up until 2012 – with or without the currently attached cast members.