Nope, the “Twilight” actress isn’t paying a freak show a visit (which is a pity, as I’ve heard many a bearded lady likes the series!) she’s speaking, of course, about her on-screen offspring Renesmee, due to ‘arrive’ in “The Twilight Saga : Breaking Dawn”.

“I haven’t met her yet, that sounds so weird, ‘I haven’t met my daughter yet,” Stewart laughed in an interview with MTV.

“I mean it’s funny. Bill Condon [the director] was like, ‘Wait until you see this kid, I mean if you and Rob had a kid this would be it,’ and I was like, ‘That’s so weird.’ She just looks like Bella.”

You can watch the MTV interviews here :

Stewart told Entertainment Tonight that “Breaking Dawn” promises a nice ending for fans of Bella and Edward.

“They become a family, finally,” she says. “I mean, they have a baby together. They have a little half-breed. I can’t wait to see the baby.”