Back to the Future action figures coming


As some of you may know, I worked for Mattel about, oh, thirteen years ago. This could explain my fondness of plastic, always-smiling, sweet car riding blondes. At the same time, I think there’s something in my jealousy of Duke from G.I Joe being able to wear the same uniform each and every day without iron creases or colour fading. I was only at Mattel for a while (long enough to play a part in a memorable marketing campaign)- but it clearly left a mark.

Talk today is of a Universal/Mattel union to release a series of “Back to the Future” toys.
Claudia, a friend of mine that still works for the company, says “It’s Doc, Marty and a couple of the others. Marty, of course, will have his trademark skateboard”.
As for when the action figures will be out? “No date”.
I’d have thought it would have been an opportune time to release the figures now… Since the Blu-Ray release (out next week) has spurred on such renewed interest in the brand.